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Keith Tuners for guitars…

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Oct 192012

Here are the differences between the 23ss and the 14ss tuners:  both pairs are designed for use on the banjo, the 23ss for the 2nd and 3rd strings, and the 14ss for the 1st and 4th strings.  The 2ss and the 3ss are on opposite sides of the neck and are turned in opposite directions to raise their pitch, so the small locking thumbscrews are placed differently.  The 3ss also has a smaller spool (where the string winds on) because the 3ss tuner usually makes a half-note change (G down to F#) whereas the 2ss lowers its string from B to A and so has a larger spool.  Both the 1ss and the 4ss have the larger spools because they are used to change their strings by whole tones, but since they are on opposite sides of the neck, their small thumbscrews are also placed differently.

Since you’ll be using these tuners on two treble strings, I’m going to recommend that you use 2 of the 2ss tuners, so the stop-screws will be placed the same way on both tuners, making them easier to adjust.

Set of 2 tuners for guitar 1st and 2nd strings